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In my career, I’ve worked with major corporations to enhance capabilities and structure to grow top line revenue. Through my work with companies large and small, I know the challenges faced with early-stage companies from a cost and networking standpoint. Organizations like Startup America offer members resources, connections, mentorship and cost savings deals. Whether discounts on web hosting, free memberships with Campus2Careers to find quality staffing help through interns or consult with Cigna to navigate the staff health insurance area, these are resources that greatly help facilitate success for boot-strapped companies that are showing innovation and the promise of impacting their market.

The aggregate impact of the resources and network compiled by Startup America is a new concept, and I can’t tell you how much companies can benefit from these groups (including my own company Adlucent’s involvement). On top of Startup Texas, local business organizations are helping form collaborative ecosystems driving the growth and strength of the regional economy, providing strong talent pools and support for companies big (Facebook) and small (TabbedOut is a great example). The Austin Chamber of Commerce last year formed the Greater Austin Technology Partnership, which gets together regularly and establishes a network that serves as a catalyst for both individual and regional success. Through seven special interest groups, ranging from mobile to cleantech, new and powerful ideas have been formed that benefit the ecosystem at large. Many cities don’t have the benefit of true community spirit without competitive instincts stifling the support system.

To me, Startup Texas is a no-brainer for companies. Membership is free, and the discounts, educational resources, ability to connect to high-level mentors and capital investors can’t be matched. We’re always looking for a few good men and women to help lead the charge. I invite you to join us on this journey.

Jon Armstrong, CEO of Adlucent and regional chair, Startup Austin

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