Air Force looks to Texas startups, universities for the future

The U.S. Air Force is turning to research on science and technology to remain competitive. That work includes collaborating with local businesses, start-ups and universities.

The air force is looking to texas as it works to close its technology gap – and improve its defense strategies.

Secretary of the air force heather wilson spoke at the air force 2030 conference at texas A&M today.

A new hub to bring technology and training ideas to the air force opened earlier this week in austin.

Secretary wilson says partnering with universities is critical for the research needed to develop competitive strategies.

Heather wilson, u.s. Air force SECRETARY”BOTH the university of texas system and texas A&M have tremendous research capability – i think we see that – the air force sees that – i think we’re going to want to partner with universities in order to drive the long-term research of the air force secretary wilson says the air force science and.