Austin startup creates device to lessen ear fatigue in musicians

If you got close enough to the artists playing at austin city limits, your ears may still be ringing.

For the musicians creating the sound, it’s a constant battle trying to protect their hearing while still being able to listen to the music.

As kxan’s amanda brandeis explains, an austin startup is changing the way sound is being delivered to their ears on stage.

While different genres – kenny chesney, aerosmith, the black eyed peas all have something in common.

“matt sorum, drummer of guns & roses, said his doctor told him he’s got the ears of a 65-year-old man.

” they know once their hearing is gone, they can’t get it back.

Guitarist stevie salas has shared stages with rod stewart, justin timberlake and mick jagger.

“now i’m a father and i’ve lost a lot of my hearing and it’s very concerning to me.

“now they’re using this device – the rev33 – to protect what hearing they have left.

“we knew musicians and children listening to music are damaging their ears on a daily basis.

“brett butler says the device works with a musician’s in-ear monitor – filtering out unwanted noise and distortion.

Artists can hear the music more clearly and keep their sound levels lower.

“never too late to protect the hearing you have.

” austin audiologist soriya estes works with hundreds of musicians a year, fitting them with filtered ear plugs and custom in-ear monitors to protect their hearing.

But while these options protect, she says sound quality can be compromised.

That’s where the new device can help, bringing in a cleaner SIGNAL”SO they feel they can lower the volume level, lower it to a safer level.

And the studies are showing significant improvement in that ear fatigue.

“it is improving all of my friends who are using it, quality of life, more than just professionally, because it’s saving their ears for everything else.

“amanda brandeis kxan news.

The company is also working to get this technology into the hands of anyone who listens to music in headphones.

A device is available that’s compatible with smartphones, and eventually they plan to release software that can be built right into the phone.

Let’s you’re not a “MUSICIAN” – you’re just a “FAN”.

How do you know when you’re crossing the line from enjoying the music – to causing lasting damage to your ears? any sounds 85 decibels and higher can do it.

And it’s not just “HOW LOUD” it is.

It’s also “HOW LONG” you are exposed to that loudness.

The sound of lawnmower takes a toll after a couple hours.

But a motorcycle that is louder will cause damage after just 30 minutes.

Maxing out your music on your headphones? ear damage occurs in less than 4 minutes.

And at a concert – where decibels are around 120 – there is “INSTANT.