Austin startup helps CA officials assess wildfire damage using drones

Inspect their rail crossings.

Sydney:”she managed to grab kids, get in car, by time she got into the car, the fire was on both sides of the drive way as she was trying to leave the property.

“almost 20 wildfires have burned 619-thousand acres across california tonight.

The biggest – the mendicino complex fire burning in northern california.

It has burned more than 280-thousand acres so far.

Now making it the biggest fire in california’s recorded history.

The fire has scorched 455 square miles — an area as big as the entire city of san antonio.

It’s mostly burning in rural areas now — but the creeping fire line is forcing more evacuations.

It’s threatening up to 11-thousand structures.

Fourteen-thousand firefighters and at least 200 active duty us army soldiers are working 24-hours shifts with no end in sight.

Sydney: joining those firefighters in the strike zone — 100 men and women from texas.

Firefighters from all over the state — including ten from central texas — are heading west as part of thetexas intrastate fire mutual aid system tomorrow morning.

Lt. Steve gibbon, afd, heading to california says, “EVERYDAY we see these fires pop up and i just keep thinking these guys that are out there right now they’re just getting stretched thin.

“in addition to boots on the ground — afd is also sending equipment like these trucks.

Two weeks from now, they’ll switch out with another group.

Afd says they expect the operation to last about a month.

2-sydney: when firefighters make progress – and flames subside – investigators can assess the damage.

This is a birds-eye- view of the city of redding.

2-robert: just to the west – the wildfire is still burning.

But in areas closer to redding’s downtown, a startup right here in austin is helping to provide one of the first looks at the aftermath.

2-sydney: kxan’s yoojin cho explains how they’re using drones to help first responders.

Robert hull, platform enablement content development at hangar TECHNOLOGY:”IS my house okay or is my house completely DESTROYED?”THAT’S the question thousands of people are asking.

Adam schlender, solutions architect at hangar technology: “3 days before this, that was a car parked in somebody’s driveway.

“no one, except for firefighters, have been inside these evacuated areas since the fire started.

Robert hull: “EVERYWHERE we have hazards like this, there’s still a lot of unknowns.

“but software an austin startup developed.

Adam SCHLENDER:”CAPTURE, process, publish, crowdsources imagery from drones.

Is giving us this birds-eye-view.

Yoojin cho: “THE drones used in california had pre-planned flights, just like this one i’m about to launch.

“”press the start button at the TOP”A drone starting and flying away.

Each drone then follows that path and takes dozens of pictures, completing this 360-degree look.

6 or 7 drones doing in minutes.

What would’ve taken days and hundreds of people in the past.

It lets homeowners see what happened to their houses.

Adam SCHLENDER:”THIS entire half this block is just ashes and complete rubble.

And then the houses the houses across the street are seemingly just fine.

“it also helps first responders.

Robert HULL:”THEIR ability to just launch the drone up and awareness, pretty much like that, they never had anything like that, they never had anything like that before.

” robert HULL:”THIS is one of the most meaningful, impactful things to be working on because it really does affect, having an impact ground.


Robert:hangar technology says austin police and firefighters have also benefitted from using their software.

They can launch a drone up to document a car accident.