Austria to Austin Brings Student Startups on the Road

We are three co-founders and how we came to this idea is: a friend of mine, the co-founder Jonathan, he was doing a lot of research on sharing and then he was looking at vehicles outside but there was no real scooter sharer out there.

So we were thinking how to combine electric mobility with sharing.

At the first step the idea to go with electric scooters because they are really easy to use and you never search for a parking lot because they are really small, they save a lot of space, you can just bypass the traffic jams and you are really fast at your destination.

So it is like a easy approach to provide electric mobility to the people of the city.

It was really cool, i got the opportunity to be part of this Austria to Austin program from the US.

Embassy and we visited Austin in Texas, and we got a really cool overview of the ecosystem in Austin and we saw other companies, we visited for example Google, i visited also Facebook.

So there were so many things that i have seen and they also influenced me on how i am thinking about startups and the possibilities that you have.

It was a really great experience that i can reccommand to everybody.

The ideation phase was like six months and then we actually founded the company one year ago.

And now we needed like one year till we were ready to have a beta-phase with twelve vehicles on the street here in Vienna.

We are testing it now with several companies and people.

We have in every scooter two helmets in the back.

To start the scooter you have an app  for iOS and Android.

So you can just look at your app where the next scooter is, reserve it, walk to the scooter, then you can start on the app the rent then the scooter just turns up and the top case pops up, you can choose one helmet, hop on the scooter and just start your ride.

And then in the end you just do the same process: you just stop the rent on the app and that’s it.

You can leave it basically anywhere within the business area.

We will launch this year with 50 scooters.

Next year we will scale it up to 200, Now in the first step we do to measure everything to optimize the whole product and give the people of Vienna a cool way to move around the city.