Dallas Startup Week

Paula gean (Off Screen/On Screen): We are in the middle of Dallas Startup Week 2015, it’s the inaugural year, there are over one hundred events and sessions and hundreds of people here, and it’s really a celebration of the Dallas entrepreneurial startup scene.

Fiona schlachter (On Screen/Off Screen): Who’s having a good time? Yeah! fiona schlachter (On Screen/Off Screen): It’s a five-day free conference, to connect our local entrepreneurs with each other, as well as the larger community.

Yvette ruiz (On Screen/Off Screen): The atmosphere is lively and fun, you can see people networking, meeting each other for the first time, and talking about different ideas.

Lee blaylock (On Screen/Off Screen): If there’s one piece of advice i give entrepreneurs, it’s never ever stop believing in yourself.

Lee blaylock (On Screen/Off Screen): Whether you are a finance business, whether you’re real estate, whether you’re technology business, there are a variety of different information sessions here that you can benefit from.

Eric robbins o’brien (On Screen/Off Screen): It’s great for a lot of businesses of different sizes, because what we’re talking about is being able to meet other people who can either mentor you and provide some help fostering ideas or talk about problems that they’ve been through in the past.

It’s also great because there’s a lot of partnership opportunities that people may not normally think about.

Phil romano (On Screen/Off Screen): Spread your concept like wildfire, start here and go just beyond your market area, where people know you, and establish yourself again, and then grow like that.

Don’t go here and then go way the heck out where nobody knows you.

Nick kennedy (On Screen/Off Screen): People want to help you here, it’s completely unique, where this is.

It doesn’t happen like this other places in the country, I’ve done business there, i promise you.

Nick kennedy (On Screen/Off Screen): Dallas? It’s the perfect place to be entrepreneur.

There’s all this energy, all this entrepreneurship, all this fun stuff going on here, incredibly helpful to us as we start our companies.

Leah frazier (On Screen/Off Screen): There’s no better hub than to be here and to learn about the different industries and to hear from top investors, what they’re looking for.

Paul singh (On Screen/Off Screen): You’re probably three degrees removed, maybe two degrees removed from somebody we funded.

So you’re connected to us, you just don’t realize it yet.

Jeff corkran (On Screen/Off Screen): There’s a lot of innovation here, there’s actually a lot of money here as well.

And so, it’s a good place to get an idea off the ground.

Susie leinbaugh (On Screen/Off Screen): You know when you hear “Gosh, i wish i had an idea like that” right? Well these people do, they have that idea and they’re executing on it and they’re asking people all around them how they can be more and more successful.

They’re going to be creating jobs, that makes for a very bright future for Dallas.

Leah frazier (On Screen): Dallas has everything!.