Texas Employee Assistance Programs Can Help You Hire and Retain Talent

When your startup is growing and having difficulty finding or retaining talent, a good idea is to offer additional incentives beyond the normal benefits like health insurance and a 401k. Some companies offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to set themselves apart. EAPs include counseling on areas such as work-life balance, stress management techniques, and collaborative career discussions.

EAPs also include programs for wellness and fitness to encourage healthy behavior and reduced stress, job burnout, and emotional or physical symptoms. Some additional ideas for you to consider include company-sponsored flu shots, smoking cessation programs, and reduced-rate subscriptions to a nearby physical fitness center.

Employee Assistance Programs offer benefits beyond incentives to work for your company. The company itself will experience lower insurance premiums as a result of better habits, and lower overtime and temporary worker salaries as a result of increased productivity and lower absenteeism. Employee morale will also increase.

Some companies hire staff to provide EAP services, and others contract or hire affiliates to provide services. As a startup, it is recommended to reduce costs by contracting out any EAP services.