Not Finding Local Talent?

Maybe it’s time to relocate your office or offer relocation to job candidates. Sometimes it’s difficult to find employee candidates in the same geographic area as your company. You have a few options when this happens. You can have distributed teams where employees work remotely. You can move your company offices to a more populated

Employees or Contractors? A Discussion on Worker Classification for Texas Startups

Many startups do not have employees. They have contractors. Benefits of hiring contractors over employees include saving time and paperwork. Another benefit is significantly lower operating costs. According to an evaluation report from the Office of the Legislative Auditor, State of Minnesota, “mandatory costs, including federal employment taxes, workers’ compensation insurance premiums, and state unemployment

Interviewing: Methods and Avoiding Liability in Texas

interviewing is a primary step in the hiring process and should not be done carelessly. This article describes different methods for interviewing and offers information on avoiding liability. Before the Interview Before you hold an in-person interview, make sure you pre-screen the candidate to maximize hiring efficiency. Interviewing Methods There are a few types of

Checking References for Potential New Texas Employees

Professional references offer valuable insight into the character and quality of a job candidate. They also verify whether the potential employee is honest, works well with others, and maintains professional relationships. This article explains how to check a professional reference for a new candidate. Reference Checking Etiquette Require the candidate to provide you with a