Techies celebrate first ever start up week in San Antonio

Start Up Week is a five-day celebration nationwide to highlight a new kind of entrepreneur that is solving business and community problems with technology based solutions.

Ursula: all over the nation start up tech companies are celebrating with a week’s worth of seminars and conferences and mentoring here in san antonio.

They have a lot planned.

San antonio’s tech community showing off its progress.

While this seminar on san antonio’s tech scene millennial voices is underway, they’re busy next door learning computer code.

Some of those in here started in here.

I’m a product developer for built which is a frond-end design.

We design marketing websites.

Ursula: she represents a growing demo, a woman successful in the growing technology world.

I think there’s a lot to be done to encourage more women to join.

Ursula: they are learning code ready to trade in ambulances for keyboards.

I would like to work with someone for a couple of years, get some experience and an idea of how it works and i eventually want to branch out on my own.

Ursula: this week is all about start up companies and we have a lot of them.

For instance, this one here.

It’s very simple.

Instead of having vending machines you pick out what you want, go over to this iPAD, touch it, pay, and you’re done.

It’s a good example of the simple technology that solves an old company kitchen issue, defining the word start-up.

Companies pave the way helping ideas and know how get set loose.

We started with three of us three years ago and now we’re graduating over 200 students into the job market.

We’re very excited about that.

Ursula: it is a growing industry that they have been able to tap into.

Code up classes are 16 weeks long and 90% of the grads get technology jobs.

There are more start-up seminars and mixers planned all week long.

We have some of the highlights.