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One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur is the feeling that we are all together in this fight. We all know what it feels like to be in the trenches of starting a new business. If you are like me, you may have started multiple different businesses. Every time I embark on a new journey, I appreciate my brothers and sisters in arms that are pursuing the same goal that I am…SUCCESS. And how you define success can determine how you move from venture to venture. Some people measure success by money in the bank while others consider lessons learned and reaching a greater potential as a successful venture. But no matter how you define success it is wonderful to know that there are always others that can empathize with us regardless of where we are in the process. We can encourage one another, hold each other accountable, help provide inspiration, perspiration, and innovation. We spur each other on to greatness and since only another entrepreneur can truly understand where we come from, we are all in this together.

There are all kinds of great tools that help us in the quest for success as a startup company. Whether that be accelerators, incubators, universities or governmental agencies, there are a countless number of resources to help make us successful. In my experience, I will always go to as many sources as possible to help better my chances of success.

One organization that I have really appreciated in the past year has been the Startup America Partnership. This has been one of the greatest aggregation of resources, discounts and promotion that I have had ever had access to. I believe in their mission so greatly that I have joined their ranks to help lead this initiative in the great state of Texas.  Started by AOL Founder, Steve Case and led by Priceline Founder, Scott Case (no relation) we now have over 30 regions across the country and more than 10,000 startups that have signed up for this FREE membership that provides the following benefits:

  • Discounts
    • The Startup America Partnership has more than 60 key partners that offer amazing discounts for our member companies. Partners such as LinkedIn, Microsoft, American Express, Dell, American Airlines, Intuit, Intel, HP, Google, IBM, Facebook and more.
  • Resources
    • Led by some of the most prolific and successful entrepreneurs in the country, members have access to virtually unlimited presentations, webinars, and documents that will help equip your startup with the tools necessary to be successful.
  • Promotion for Startups
    • With an international network of hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and major media partners, we are constantly finding ways to promote our members’ companies through media as well as providing special offers and access to major events, promotions, and contests to help put your startup on the map.

Along with Steve Case, Board Members including Michael Dell, Kevin Plank, Reid Hoffman, Reed Hastings, Tory Burch, etc. are at the helm of this organization focused on helping high-growth startups be successful.  The Startup America Partnership has been involved with everything from the White House’s commitment to entrepreneurs to helping to script the recent JOBS Act that provides for the new Crowdfunding legislation that empowers startups to more readily find funding for their ventures.

I am committed to seeing Texas continue to excel as the best home in the nation for Startups and to empower entrepreneurs in this State with the tools, connections, and resources necessary to be successful. Because in the end the best approach we can all take is to build an ecosystem of collaboration and support that will truly make us “all for one and one for all.”

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Trey Bowles

Chair Startup America: Texas Region


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